Book A Ride NZ specialises in North Island Airport Transfers and private shuttle buses for Airport and tours like our New Zealand Hobbit Tour Package. We are continuously driving up and down North Island within our destinations bringing international travellers together and sharing stories and meeting new friends. We absolutely love this job we do regardless of the time of year and can’t wait to meet our next lot of international travellers.

We take bookings from individuals traveling and international travel agents from all over the world making Book A Ride a trusted source and being a kiwi owned business gives us an huge advantage and a very big sense of pride being listed on a world stage. Customer service is crucial in this industry because we want (Word of mouth) repeat business and our customers have been doing exactly that and that’s why we call them friends of the family. When your travelling to another country you haven’t visited can be a very nervous time but not when you know us.

Contacting us: is simple and easy as we provide every possible way we can think of that would meet the needs of our customers.

You can email: 
Ring us: 021-7433-21 
Use messaging platforms: Facebook 
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Viber: 021743321

We do take most of our bookings online but in saying that we like upfront interaction with our customers because we know when traveling abroad things can go wrong with delayed and sometimes cancelled flights.Because of these situations can happen we track all flights so our team is already well informed and prepared to accommodate our customers to something that is out of our customers control.

Join our group today even if your not travelling because you might do one day or you might know somebody who is about to. By spreading the word its giving friends and family a friendly place to start ones journey with a trusted company Book A Ride NZ. Our goal is to have the most trusted, competitive travel and tourism rates in New Zealand.

Don’t delay and secure your spot and relax when you travel with comfort, enjoy our shared airport shuttle service or our private shuttle bus for airport transfers or New Zealand Hobbit Tour Package.Save time and book your airport transfer ahead of time online via our website or ask any questions on our Facebook page and feel free to join our travel & tourism group on facebook and become a friend of the family start your holiday by booking your airport shuttle service and your New Zealand Hobbit Tour Package with us and help spread the word.

Please feel free to use our facebook messenger: bookaridenz or book on our website

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